Indiegogo crowdfunder for season 2: Heyer Today

I’m so excited to be launching our Indiegogo campaign to help us complete our epic second season: Heyer Today.

This is another labour of love me, as I’ve  long been a mega fan of the author who’s life I’ll be exploring.

Initially, I was looking for other podcasts about Regency romance queen Georgette Heyer – because I love her books. But I couldn’t find anything, which astounded me. That was three years ago now, and since then I’ve interviewed over 39 people, compiling hours of audio.

Picture of Georgette Heyer

After all, how am I to convince people this is something they’ll want to listen to?

It’s a massive challenge – I hope I’m up to it. It’s really important to me, because I’ve had so many people be so generous with their time and expertise. Stephen Fry, for example. He was only meant to talk to me for 15 minutes, instead of which, he chatted for an hour on diverse aspects of Heyer’s life and books. Peter Buckman the agent for her estate – he’s been incredibly kind too, and I’m so excited about the work he’s doing in adapting one of her books. And there are loads more wonderful people: Joanne Harris, Mary Jo Putney, Heyer’s biographer Jennifer Kloester, Susannah Fullerton and many more.

What do I need the money for?

I wish I didn’t need to ask for money, but alas, when you’re keen to offer a 24 episode season with original music, audio drama and a book club(!) for free, it means you have to depend on the generosity and support of your listeners and friends to help complete it. I have really high standards in terms of how good I want the podcast to sound, so the money raised will give me, and my friends who help me out, the time to edit, produce and finesse the podcast into something I think is really unique. I genuinely don’t think there’s anything else like this.

What will donors get for their donations?

We have a lovely selection of ‘perks’ – from first listens to the Stephen Fry episode, to bonus material from The Sugar Baby Confessionals, How to Start An Award Winning Podcast consultancy sessions with me to getting your name read in the credits. But really, the best thing is knowing you’re a part of the Fable Gazers team, helping our indie company to make beautiful, free ear-scapes.

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