Art by Cathy Tuson (yep, my amazingly talented mum.)

I’m Sara-Mae Tuson…

A podcaster, freelance editor and copywriter who also writes novels, short fiction and other bits and pieces. Running Fable Gazers, my British Podcast Awards nominated podcast company with my mate, Beth Keehn has been keeping me busy over the past 6 years as we create self-contained, long-form stories about true life adventures, underappreciated authors and more. From interviewing people like Stephen Fry and Joanne Harris to doing a deep dive into the feminist implications of sex work, I’ve spent the past while working to create unforgettable aural experiences that will stay with you long after you finish binging them.

I’ve also been lucky enough to work as an editor and copywriter for a range of companies and organisations, the most recent of which involved an international climate change report.

You can read more about my published work, upcoming projects and other more random ephemera here. I’m also fairly active on Twitter and Instagram, so get in touch with me on the lovely world of social media if you fancy being inundated with pictures of unusual beer labels, interesting lichen, or Fable Gazers tidbits.