I narrated Jen Kloester’s fab novel: Jane Austen’s Ghost – out now!

I was so honoured that Jen Kloester and Rachel Hyland from Overlord Publishing asked me to narrate Jen’s wonderful book, Jane Austen’s Ghost. If you’re an Austen fan this is definitely required reading the imaginative breadth of the novel will knock your socks off.

I had certain preconceptions when I read the title. Knowing Jen’s background as Georgette Heyer’s biographer, I fully expected it to be full of juicy titbits about Austen’s life which it is. If you know a lot about Austen, you’ll be delighted by the ways in which Jen exploits her knowledge of the minutiae of Jane’s life, illuminating aspects of her personality and the times she lived in, in a way that’s delightfully fresh and original.

What I did not expect was a paranormal thrill ride with ghosts, romance and colourful characters… some of which definitely challenged my abilities when it comes to accents (my Scottish accent is, unfortunately, appalling I apologise in advance to any Scots out there. I did my best, and luckily it was only a minor character!). But the story will stay with you long after you’ve finished the book, and you’ll find yourself tearing up at the end when… but you’ll have to listen to the audio book to find out why. I’m hoping Jen writes a sequel featuring the ghosts of other literary giants. George Eliot’s Ghost?? I am here for it.

Here’s the blurb:

A masterpiece of wit, ingenuity, and impeccable style, Regency maven Jennifer Kloester brings the great Jane Austen into the modern world in this enchanting, exhilarating adventure of love, literature, and life everlasting…. 

With her life a mess, Cassandra Austin seeks refuge in Winchester with her eccentric great-aunt – but Aunty B has problems of her own. Ghost problems.

Cassie doesn’t believe in ghosts, but she’ll do anything to help the only person who’s ever loved her. Besides, a simple spell in the cathedral crypt couldn’t do any harm, could it? Well, except for the 200-year-old curse on Jane Austen, that is.

Overnight, life is suddenly a whole lot weirder, and it’s up to Cassie to save the day with the help of a dour Bishop, two literary geniuses, a couple of wise-cracking geriatrics, and the enigmatic Oliver Carling.

Magic and mystery abound in this genre-bending contemporary-historical paranormal romance with a Regency twist.

Get the audio book now, on Audible and Booktopia.



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