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Beth Keen and I have worked together for years and have been developing a new project to produce beautifully crafted podcasts under the umbrella of our collective: Fable Gazers.
Each season tells a totally different story over 10-20 episodes. Now you can binge season 1 on any podcast player! 
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We build stories from fact and vice versa – all with a journalistic edge and sense of fun that will inspire people to download our podcasts and recommend them to their networks and friends. Season 1: The Sugar Baby Confessionals, has won bronze at the British Podcast Awards in the ‘Sex & Relationships’ category at the 2019 British Podcast Awards!
We are currently producing several self-contained podcast series, inspired by the success of shows like SerialThis American Life and Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History. We also occasionally dip our toes into audio drama – watch this space for more details about that.

If you love podcasts and you’re looking for your new audio obsession, then watch this space…

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This is a true story. Ruby is juggling family life with her new ‘job’ – as a sugar baby. Ruby has three small children and a husband she loves. She also has a hankering for more. Already enjoying an open relationship, she’s decided she wants to try being paid for doing something she’s reeeeeaally good at. What could possibly go wrong?

As her close friend, Sara-Mae helps Ruby process and explore the ups and downs of this alternative lifestyle choice. Along the way, she learns way more about Ruby’s sex life than she ever thought possible, or in fact, necessary.

Add another layer of awkwardness: Ruby’s husband and Sara-Mae’s are good friends. Concerned for Ruby’s wellbeing and the security of her otherwise ‘perfect’ life, Sara-Mae helps Ruby navigate the rocky waters of the sugar baby lifestyle. At first it’s all a laugh as Ruby fills Sara-Mae in on her cheeky antics with various lovers, but then something happens she could never have anticipated…

Join us as ‘vanilla’ and red-hot views on sex and modern love collide.

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According to journalists and BBC broadcasters Bibi LynchAlix Fox and Rob Crossan, The Sugar Baby Confessionals is: “beguiling and off-kilter”, “thought-provoking”, “charming, funny and candid”.


  • Nominated in the 2019 ‘Best Sex & Relationships’ category – British Podcast Awards
  • ‘Finger in the Pie’, first published as a short story in The Norwegian American, won through to the Leipziger Hörspielsommer audio drama fest in July

We’ve been featured guests on the following podcasts and radio shows:

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Sara DaSilva, Audible Feast:

“I am highly addicted to this show right now… I just love it.”


Antonia Reed, writer

Blog post: Tough Love and Cake Puns: the Not-So Sweet Story of a Sugar Baby

“Don’t…be fooled into thinking this is a shallow kiss-and-tell story. Guided by Sara’s thoughtful and considerate moderation, Ruby and sugar baby friend Madeleine’s stories unfold through conversations with the host, accompanied in later episodes by guest experts and other podcasters. Themes include sex work and politics, women’s rights and the law. Refreshingly, the commentators include women who have actually been sex workers.

The Confessionals quickly becomes a deep exploration of sexuality, psychology, romance and loyalty, and of the many things that complicate these aspects of life…Absolutely vital listening.”

Anonymous sugar baby, via email:

“[Your podcast] is such a fun listen. I’ve really enjoyed hearing other women who are so articulate about what they feel regarding the sugaring lifestyle. At times I identify with you, and sometimes with Ruby, and occasionally with Madeline too.”


Poet and fashion maven Bette O’Callaghan (rather delightfully) wrote a review in the form of a poem:

Delusions of grandeur

are inherent in youth

it’s the nightmare

of the tangled bed sheets

the result of reckless actions

that haunts one in old age.


Miss_Troubled says:

5* – “This podcast has intimate details and will satisfy your (voyeuristic) sweet tooth but it’s also a thoughtful look at monogamy, feminism, sexuality, and womanhood. Host Sara-Mae asks all the right questions and does a bit of soul-searching, too. Recommended!”


FOReilly says:

5* – “I learned loads and was enthralled with the journey and especially Ruby’s story. Really well produced, love this series!”


michpsk says:

5* – “Wow this was totally brilliant. I loved the subject and Ruby was refreshingly honest and open about one of our society’s biggest taboos.”


  • Lush original music from Danny Green of LAISH and the incredible Kristen MacClement
  • A special interview with The Brit – Ruby’s favourite sugar daddy
  • Sex tips from a pro (well, Ruby)
  • Interview with a feminist psychology expert who weighs in on the effects of being a sugar baby
  • Interviews with US-based sugar baby, Madelaine, on making the most out of your… assets


We’ve had some great reviews so far from journalists Rob Crossan, sexologist and broadcaster Alix Fox and writer and broadcaster Bibi Lynch, why not help us out by giving us a rating and a review of your own?



Like many people across the world, we here at Fable Gazers HQ are major Georgette Heyer fans as well as being podcast junkies. With no existing podcast about Heyer’s work available, we were forced to create our own. ‘Heyer Today’ is the result.

Over the course of 12-14 episodes, we hope to convert new readers to her wonderful work, examine the influence of her spiritual ancestor Jane Austen, speak to experts and contextualise each book chosen in terms of what was happening in Heyer’s life at the time.

With rumours of cinematic adaptations of her work to arrive on our screens at long last in 2018, we’ll also explore the mystery (as we see it) of why her work hasn’t been made into multiple blockbuster films long since, chatting to a variety of experts, fans and celebrity guests.

Highlights to include:

  • Actor Stephen Fry on how he came to be hooked on Heyer
  • Author Joanne Harris on why adapting books into film can be problematic
  • Acclaimed Heyer biographer: Jennifer Kloester  shares some anecdotes about her journey in discovering never before seen letters from Heyer and doing Heyer justice
  • Producer Andy Paterson discusses a mystery project and the difficulties of bringing Heyer’s work to the screen
  • Best selling historical romance novelist, Mary Jo Putney, on writing Regency romance through a 21st century lens
  • Romance novelist Harriet Evans lists her all-time favourite Heyers and why
  • Susannah Fullerton, head of the Jane Austen Society in Australia, compares Austen and Heyer
  • Author Jane Holland and literary agent Alison Bonami from LBA on Heyer’s greatest romantic heroes
  • Music from the incomparable Emma Gatrill plus original music composed especially for the podcast
  • Peter Buckman, agent for Heyer’s estate, on his joy in adapting Heyer’s work
  • Blogger Eleanor Turner (Jane to Georgette) discusses Heyer related on-dits and crim cons
  • Comedians and friends who’ve never read Heyer, fall in love (or not!) with her work
  • Audio drama inspired by Heyer’s life
Helen Rose-Davidge as Georgette Heyer