I’m working mainly on novels, scripts and children’s picture books at the moment, but here’s where you can find examples of my other written work…


  • the ballad of the jackal and the moon, a collection of tiny islands – both published by Emma Press in The Mildly Erotic Poetry Anthology, 26 September 2013, then reprinted with additions 29 January 2016.
  • Cape Point – The Muse – An International Journal of Poetry, 28 January 2014
  • paper hearts, string of buttons, Lianna the lonely – Loose Muse Anthology (Volumes I, II & 3), January 2012, August 2012, March 2013.
  • this is all she was Inky Needles (http://inkyneedles.com/)
  • the plungeInk, Sweat and Tears, January 11 2013
  • dreaming of Melusande* – Rising
  • earrings,  The Journal
  • 100 years ago today – Written for an exhibition of the same name, 2010

Here’s a video version of At The Table – A Play Reading Series in which my story ‘The Break Up’ is brought to life by the incredible Charging Moose Media company.

Short stories 

  • Ill Angels Haunt Me, Overheard, Salt Publishing, 2012
  • The Golden Note, Mayday Stories, 23 May 2012
  • The Actor, one-story.com
  • The Apple, 4’33” (http://www.fourthirtythree.com audio magazine), 9 August 2014.
  • Time Hoarder, If You Could Only See Yourself and other stories, the Science Fiction anthology, Words Just Words, 31 March 2013.
  • The Serpent in the Garden, June 2010 issue and Breast Man, July/August 2009 issue, Erotic Review.