Where can I find out more about Fable Gazers?

Go to our website to find out more about our current projects, read what the press has to say and support us. Want to binge The Sugar Baby Confessionals or Heyer Today? They’re both available on all good pod players – don’t forget to help us out by rating and reviewing them. Your word of mouth really helps small indie companies like us to thrive.

You can also go to the podcast page, where I go into more depth about these two very different projects.

So, what is a podcast and how do I listen to one?

If you’d like to know how to listen to a podcast, here’s a handy PDF explaining the process. If you’re like, what even IS a podcast, it’s basically free (mostly) radio, accessible on the internet or your phone – at your convenience. So it’s like radio, but very egalitarian and convenient. See my top 10 page for my personal faves.

What’s your latest project all about?

At the moment we’re putting together a short and sweet series all about art and mental health called This Art May Save You – look out for that later this year. Here’s a song from the series, with a video by one of our artist collaborators, Amy Baker:

We want to know more about the podcasts…

Take a look at our Libsyn webpage or our Fable Gazers website to learn more. You’ll find some transcriptions of the first half of Heyer Today – we’re working with a team of volunteers to make sure all our episodes are accessible, but of course, this takes time.

If you’re a historical romance fan, a book lover or someone who adores Jane Austen, you might enjoy season 2: ‘Heyer Today’, in which we explore the work of historical novelist Georgette Heyer. Not only do we go deep in contextualising her and her work, uncovering secrets, exploring myths and generally celebrating the reclusive and somewhat prickly author, we also examine the influence of Austen and Heyer on modern writers. Plus, by attempting to convert new readers to her work (see our book list so you can follow along) and interviewing celeb and other fans of her work (like Stephen Fry and authors Joanne Harris, Harriet Evans and Emma Darwin), we explore the mystery of why her incredibly entertaining work hasn’t been converted to celluloid.

If that’s not your bag but you like true stories about fascinating, flawed characters why not try our award-winning saga, The Sugar Baby Confessionals, here.

If you’d like to support our free work, please review it on any platform you use, and if you have a bob or two to spare, we’ve got a PayPal donation page. Any small amount can make a big difference.

You can listen on most podcast directories, and if you want to engage with us or drop us a line, we’d love to hear your thoughts:

Email us here: fablegazers@gmail.com
Get more information here: https://fablegazers.com or http://fablegazers.libsyn.com/website
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Our Twitter handle: @fable_gazers
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When will the podcasts be coming out?

We try to bring a new series out annually, but sometimes fate gets in the way of our best laid plans. The beauty of our work is that it’s evergreen and is still attracting new listeners every month – we currently have over 160,000 downloads and counting, so listen now to hear what keeps people hooked.

Our first two seasons are out now, and we’re currently working on a third season: This Art May Save you about whether art can save lives – sign up to the Fable Gazers newsletter for up-to-date news and info.

What about your band?

My band, Scarlet Starlings, have been working on a series of songs in collaboration with Fable Gazers, as part of their new podcast series. In the past, I’ve sung back up for talented friends like Laura Frances and Ricky Damiani of Mock Deer.

Here’s a video of me singing with Laura:

And I’m singing back up here with Ricky in his lovely video for ‘Twisted Forms’ (you can also spot me in the video):

How is your other writing coming along?

I’m currently working on a few different writing projects, watch this space for more info!

How do I get in touch with you?

Go to my contact page. I’m available for freelance editorial and copywriting work.