Revelations abound in The Sugar Baby Confessionals podcast…

Episode 10 – Pretzel

We catch up with Ruby and Madelaine and see where they are after 7 months of sugar-babying – how have they changed? What are the upsides and the issues they’ve faced? Have their sexual fantasies been fulfilled? Has it all been worth it?

Find out what FPs ultimatum to Ruby was and whether or not Madelaine’s decided to stick with sugar babying, or give it up altogether…

Episode 11 – Summer Berry Grunt

Ruby updates us on what’s happening with her, FP and the Brit. With her marriage on the verge of breakdown, she has realised that she is polyamourous and in love with both the Brit and FP. FP is deeply unhappy about this. Can they find a way to make it work?

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