Meet Frenchy. The uber narcissist.

I think we can all relate to this image a little bit more than we’d like…

Two brand new episodes of The Sugar Baby Confessionals are out and they’re dealing with two really thorny subjects.
Yes, folks, we’re talking RELIGION and SECRETS.

Episode 7 – Stollen (Religion)

Ruby was brought up Catholic AND as a Jehovah’s Witness. Has religion affected her attitude to sex? Ruby updates me on her shenanigans with the Brit, including a wild night of DIY bondage. Yep, actual DIY. She also drops a *bombshell* about her sexuality and tells us about her very first sexual encounter.

Pop culture extra this week includes…

A mention of ‘My So-Called Life’ – an American teen drama television series from Sara-Mae’s childhood, featuring a very young Claire Danes & Jared Leto. Check it out on YouTube to find out who ‘Brian’ is…

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Episode 8 *brand new episode* is all about secrets…

This week, Ruby talks about the difficulties of keeping her alternative lifestyle choice from friends and family.
As I pepper her with questions, she starts to open up more and more about why she wouldn’t tell her family about her extra curricular activities.
She also tells all about meeting an uber-narcissist, Frenchy, he-of-the-pointy-shoes, and tells us why she decided to turn him down as a sugar daddy.

Hear more.

This is how I like to imagine Frenchy’s footwear…

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