InkTears double anthology launch – 16 December

On Saturday I’m very lucky in that I get to host this amazing event, celebrating over two years of work with the writers and Anthony Howcroft, CEO of InkTears.

If anyone fancies joining us, it’s a free event, so do come along and share some short fiction, festive fizz and mince pies with myself and some of the writers in the anthologies.

Date: 16 December 2017, time: 4:30-7:30pm, venue: The Sun Pub, 21 Drury Lane, London WC2B 5RH

“The first ever showcases from InkTears, highlighting eight tremendous writers whose prize-winning work demonstrates the breadth, power and sheer fun of the short story. Don’t miss these collections.”– AM Howcroft, founder of InkTears

HOW TO BEGIN A WONDERFUL LIFE by Margaret Dakin, Mark Sheerin, Mike Scott Thomson, Drew Taylor

Are you ready to begin your wonderful life?

Or how would it feel to be a strapping jack-the-lad who could see the colour aura glowing around everyone? Perhaps you might be a performer capable of dazzling a theatre audience with your skills, even while a stalker leered at you from the front row. Our first InkTears anthology collection celebrates the crème de la crème of our celebrated short fiction competition.

DEATH OF A SUPERHERO by Mandy Huggins, Brindley Hallam Dennis, Kaya Ra Edwards, Chris Fielden
Inside this anthology, you’ll find a cornucopia of vivid ideas, twists, and emotions conjured up by four authors at the top of their game. From the modern noir stories of Brindley Hallam Dennis, through Mandy Huggins skilfully crafted tales with a beating heart, or the new, empathetic writing of rising Australian star Kaya Ra Edwards, there is something here to entice and delight any reader.

Perhaps you will join the growing band of followers for Christopher Fielden, whose story provides the title for this collection, weaving a funny yet moving fable around Death sitting in judgement of a superhero, or fall under the spell of his tale where an amputee soldier is visited by a terrifying demon named Colin.

Four writers cataloguing love, fear, loss, and joy, each with their own unique style. Do yourself a favour, and buy this now.

To find out how to buy copies, go to the InkTears website.



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