1950s Georgette Heyer is just as gorgeous as the 1920s version, and she has something to tell you…

My Indiegogo fundraiser is in full swing, and I’ve been having a lot of fun creating the promo videos for both The Sugar Baby Confessionals (our first season – due to come out in mid-December) and Heyer Today, the podcast I always wanted to listen to, about one of my all time favourite authors, Georgette Heyer. As it didn’t exist, I had to create it.

Along the way, I’ve spoken to so many wonderful fellow fans and experts on the great lady’s work, including Stephen Fry, Jennifer Kloester, film producer Andy Paterson, romance author Harriet Evans and Susannah Fullerton to name a few, so I can hardly wait to start editing and producing the series.

In this video, we dressed the remarkable Helen Rose-Davidge up as a 1950s Heyer (our best approximation, and based on images we found of Heyer herself around the same time) and had a lovely time trying to conjure the caustic spirit of Heyer.


More lovely pics and videos to follow, and do remember to donate, every tiny amount helps us, and of course, sharing with like-minded souls is very kind as well.







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