Episodes 1-3 of new pod Heyer Today is well and truly launched!


I’m so excited about my fab new podcast being out.

Not only did we release our amazing Stephen Fry interview as an early Xmas treat, we’ve now started releasing our eps on a weekly basis until mid way through the season (episode 12) when we’ll take a little break.

This week we talk to Emma Darwin. She’s the only author to be simultaneously listed for the Commonwealth Writers’ Best First Book, AND the Romantic Novelist’s Association Book of the Year.

Emma Darwin, our guest for episode 3

And she has one other small detail about her ancestry that people tend to fixate on… yes, she is Charles Darwin’s great-great granddaughter. But she’s so much more than that; an accomplished novelist and teacher, as well as a judge on several writing awards (the Crowns in particular).

So we were delighted to be able to chat to her about all manner of things relating to Heyer’s craft, how to write historical fiction and the importance of forgetting your research in order to make a story sing.

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Last week our first book club episode dropped, featuring our two potential Heyer lovers, and it was just as brilliant as we’d hoped, even though, alas, one of them was not converted. You’ll have to listen to find out which of these two gorgeous gals it was…

Victim 1 Sonali bhattacharya Playwrightactivist 2

They joined me in reading one of Heyer’s best loved books: These Old Shades. Want to hear what we thought? Join our book club by checking out our reading list here.

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