Everyone’s talking about the best new podcast to hit the interweb!

So a mate of mine recently alerted me to the fact that the Listener’s Choice gong is up for grabs at the British Podcast Awards. I was like, ‘eh?’ because, clearly, what with work, music, writing, oh and trying to make the BEST PODCAST SERIES THAT EVER WAS, I, er, hadn’t noticed.

So, I’m hoping that some of the lovely people who’ve been enjoying it will vote. I mean, realistically, with all the truly amazing work out there (The Allusionist, Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place, The High Low and more….) it’s a wee bit of a stretch to imagine winning.

With that said, if you’ve listened and you love it, do vote for it here: britishpodcastawards.com/vote – please and thank you!
If you haven’t listened, I’d love to hear your thoughts – it’s been a lot of work, in all my weekends and spare hours, and I’m very proud of it:  Fable Gazers Season 1: The Sugar Baby Confessionals 

It’s a complete story, so be sure to listen from the beginning to get the full effect (it’s available on all podcast players, including iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher) :

Journalists like Bibi Lynch, sexologist Alix Fox and Rob Crossan have described it as “compelling,” “beautifully put together”, intriguing, “off-kilter”, and very candid! 

Here are some more listener reviews: 
“Delusions of grandeur
are inherent in youth
it’s the nightmare
of the tangled bed sheets
the result of reckless actions
that haunts one in old age.” – Bette O’Callaghan

“Love it, well written, presented and thoroughly enjoyed. Never heard of a sugar baby before.” Lucinda Sieger 

With the help of several lovely people like Beth Keehn and Mike Scott, I’ve been doing all this in my spare time, so recognition like this goes a long way towards helping us to attract potential sponsors – which ultimately means we can keep doing creating marvellous audio stories! 
(Trust us, season 2 is going to be even better! *Cough* Stephen Fry *cough*)

And please feel free to share this news in any way you see fit 😉



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