What do mantras, mangrove swamps, and manicures have in common?


You’ll have to listen to Episode 3 of The Sugar Baby Confessionals – “Ladyfingers” to find out! 

I’ve been working really hard on this project for the past two and a half years, and it’s really great to finally be releasing it. Even though some of it is kind of embarrassing (for me), I’ve tried to retain the rawness of my conversations with Ruby and Madelaine, so I hope that comes through.

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More info about the latest episode:

Let’s face it. Talking about sex can be awkward as hell, but it’s also an important step in building intimacy. In Episode 3, we discuss ways to ignite your love life, even as a ‘vanilla’ person within a committed, monogamous relationship.

Ruby talks about the importance of confidence and loving oneself (not that way! but kind of…) and describes her rituals when preparing for her sugar daddy encounters. She talks very frankly about the changes her body went through having kids and learning to love her body again post-“baby making days”.

She also shares some tips on her new diet (Paleo and Whole30) and how this gives her the energy she needs to satisfy two sugar daddies and Favourite Person, as well as running around after her kids.

Ruby also dishes on her first date with the Brit. Yup, she definitely kisses and tells.

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Catch up on Ruby’s story: Listen to episode 1

Meet Ruby, a newbie to the sugar baby lifestyle. She calls me SD. Ruby is married – she’s a loving mum as well as being a sugar baby. Learn more »

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