Episode 2 of The Sugar Baby Confessionals pod is a smorgasbord of delights…

“One way or another, everyone pays for sex.” – Madelaine, our second sugar baby.


Gah, I’ve got a hacking cough and have had very little sleep, but yes…episode 2 (“Gingerbread Men”) of The Sugar Baby Confessionals has dropped.

Here’s a little prĂ©cis of what to expect (apart from loads of lols and general sauciness):

Episode 2: Gingerbread Men (Theme: Love)

In this post-Valentine’s Day episode, we explore the idea of love as it pertains to the sugar babies and we meet our second SB, Madelaine. The sugar babies explain more about how their arrangements with their sugar daddies are structured. Do their wives/other halves know? Can you still be loyal to someone and sleep with other people? We meet more sugar daddies: Big Fish, Octocock and the Brit.

Isn’t Octocock a great name for a sugar daddy? Does he have 8 cocks? Or just one all-powerful one that makes one orgasm 8 times…alas, you will not find that out on this episode…(you find out in ep 4), but you will find out:

  • What happened on Ruby’s first sugar baby assignation with Mankini
  • How long since I went on a date with someone other than my husband (clue…it’s a looooong time)
  • Who Madelaine is in love with…and why he tortures her (not literally!)
  • How the two sugar babies got started

All this and a whole lot more here.

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Or indeed, the conservative peeps. I’m not averse to the hate-listens.

Here’s to a fabulous week!



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