Laura Frances and her accidental Indie girl band…?


Some of you may know I’ve been singing a bit of back up for the delightful and uber talented Laura Frances. We met at a Laish gig where I brazenly walked up and started talking to her. Maybe she’s developed an approachable air from her work as a therapist, or possibly it’s just my inborn nosiness, but we got to chatting and the next thing I knew, we were singing harmonies together for Laish from the audience.

Laura then asked me to sing back up for her at the Paper Dress Vintage Alternative Folk fest (see the video above) and I loved it. Along with the incredible Barbara Bartz on violin and the lovely Midori Jaeger on cello, we brought the oestrogen levels waaay up in Hackney and it was amazing.

If you want to share the love, we’ll all be playing with Laura at the Laish album launch event at The Borderline on 17 April.

  Midori Jaeger
Barbara Bartz


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