Bringing Georgette Heyer back from the dead and other tales…

…Yes, there’s nothing we wouldn’t do for our fellow Heyer fans.

So we’ve brought our beloved Georgette back in this delightful video, to tell you about the merits of donating to our campaign.

Played by the delightful Helen Rose-Davidge, our Georgette is as peppery as we like to imagine her…fuelled by gin and Dexadrine.

We’ve had a promising first week with some extraordinarily kind people taking us a little bit closer to our target, but we could still use all the help we can get in reaching our goal.

Donate and share now to help us bring this incredible podcast to your velvety ears.

If you like GH in this video, why not choose our £50 perk and see the outtakes from our recording session in which she was as ‘bosky as a wheelbarrow’ (to merge two Heyer expressions into one Franken-saying).

Look out for Friday’s video, which will be a sizzling Sugar Baby Confessionals teaser.

Lots of love,

Sara-Mae & Beth

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