Our second appearance on Flixwatcher podcast reviewing ‘Love & Friendship’


Ruby and Sara-Mae got to review @LandFmovie with the @flixwatcher duo Helen and Kobi. If you’re a Jane Austen fan you’ll adore this movie.

The preternaturally gorgeous Kate Beckinsale gets to flex her considerable comedic acting chops. Also, break out star Tom Bennet is hilarious as lovable idiot Sir James Martin. “What are these small green balls? Peas you say?” 👏🏻😂😂
Also Fable Gazers fave Stephen Fry always elevates anything he’s in – can’t believe we got to interview him for @fablegazers season 2: Heyer Today…

Click on the link above to listen or get it here:
http://flixwatcher.tv/ep-066-love-and-friendship-with-sara-mae-and-ruby-from-the-sugar-baby-confessionals/ or on #applepodcasts or @spotify

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